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Warning! These products may cause happiness...

Reclaimed Indian Rosewood Cheese Slab


Preparing & sharing a charcuterie board amongst love ones is a quick way to get everyone around the table.

  • Harvested from fallen trees from Midwest & Southern states of the USA
  • Unlike twins, no two boards are alike
  • Fallen woods are imperfect art, therefore your board may not reflect image exactly
  • Wood is protected & treated with 100% plant based coconut oil & natural plant waxes. Making this board vegan friendly.
  • Our natural conditioner & finish is food grade mineral oil
  • Custom climbing rope handle attached for ease of mobility to take indoors & outdoors
  • Designed and developed in the USA


Please note:

Each of our fallen wood designs are unique, therefore please note that your board may differ slightly from photograph. 



The more you love your boards the more they will love you back. Rinse with water & let dry. Regular oiling with food grade oil will make this board last longer.


Measurements (vary slightly based on wood type)

Mini: 15" L x 4.5" W

Small: 16" L x 9.5" W

Medium long: 20" L x 6.5" W

Medium: 18" L x 14" W 

Long & Extra Long: 24-31" L x 5-6" W